May 4, 2017

Let's Talk Manga : I bought some & some other stuff

So I've been dying to get more books, mostly to complete collections. I have several Kindaichi books and I need a ton more. It as well as Othello and Under The Glass Moon are books from my childhood that I would check out of the library whenever I could, unfortunately Under The Glass Moon will never be finished( if you know why please tell me) but that's another conversation.
Now Skip Beat! is one of my all time favorite mangas and it's still ongoing(we can discuss this manga if you'd like) and I am determined to complete this collection.
I have the 1st season of "When They Cry" another one of my all time favorites, I'd really love to play the game and I'm thinking of buying the mangas as well but for now I have the completed trilogy and I couldn't be more satisfied.
The "Him" pop figure is self explanatory I should think, I mean if I was going to own any pop figures I had to own "Him"
A lot of people weren't a fan of FFX or X2 but I still love them so I'm gonna replay them on my PS4Pro that Rico gave me, I didn't actually finish them on the PS2 but maybe I will now.
And last but not least is a Coloring Book! but it's all female superheroes so obviously it's rad.

Let me know what manga and anime you're loving.

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