HopelessAndFluffy is the Official Brand of the Couple  KaiaCeline & Urico Schuler.

What You'll Find On The Blog :

To simply quote the BRATZ "We have a passion for fashion". 
These post are styled to give inspiration and thoughts on styling because it's okay to be an outfit repeater.

Reviews/ 1st Impressions
There's no topic that can't be touched on for cosmetics to movies and everything in between or not.

From time to time we like to share aspects from our life that might be of help or interest to others. Such as being celiac or vegan etc.

Inspiration Posts
Occasionally a muse will pop out of nowhere and whatever thought comes from it just has to be shared.

Support The Arts
This is a write up for artist in different areas to give information about them and what they do to the public. This is done with an unbiased opinion, strictly providing information if we have a working relationship it will be mentioned. You can email hopelessandfluffy@gmail.com if you would like to be featured.

Day Out
There may be occasions when we provide our experience going out on excursions on the blog rather than our youtube.

Let's Talk Manga
This can be found more commonly on our youtube in short off the top of the head type of talks but on the blog it will be more in depth look at a specific manga finished or ongoing.

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