June 21, 2014

Melanie Martinez : Dollhouse Tour : Baltimore

June 15th we went to see Melanie Martinez at the Baltimore Soundstage where we took a picture with her got signed posters, she even signed my pouch and I bought a t-shirt. It was way too cold inside but the acoustics were amazing. Melanie performed all for four songs from her EP some that will be on her album(she said hopefully September) she also played songs that won't be on the album but that she wrote a couple covers(sweet escape and drunk in love) even her version of toxic from The Voice when the computer was malfunctioning, during said time she also sat down and talked to the audience. I can't wait till she tours for her album, Melanie is one of the few artists that I enjoy literally all of their music, I guess that could change since she's still pretty new but I don't think she'd come out with something I couldn't stand and she was really nice and personable which always makes an artists music more enjoyable in my opinion.
(yes, her costumes make her hot on stage, I had to ask cuz stage lights are no joke)

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