September 13, 2017

Happy To Be Here

 So . . . . . I woke up in the hospital on the 22nd of Aug. I've been home for awhile now, I'm managing pretty well, it's more so irritating as confinement is the bain of my existence, not that there's no pain. At some point I'll talk about what I'm experiencing in some more detail in a video. 

Without further adieu here is the state my baby(the car) is now in.
It was just me in the car, I was on my way to work and then I woke up in the hospital. All I was told is that I was T-boned and that the other driver was alright. There is an investigation but I haven't been told anything about the progress but at least we're both "okay".
The next pictures are from when I was in the hospital, they aren't that bad but just to give you a heads up.

- I fractured my femur in two places, there's now a titanium rod in my thigh
- I have several micro fractures in my pelvis
- had anemia & a sub-clinical concussion 
- I've got a bunch of bruising and scrapes
- I also chipped a tooth

I'm on blood thinner and I am So! over it. I could never be an addict and I can't understand the mentality it takes. Unfortunately, I still have a few days left. side note : I feel for diabetics cuz that blood checker hurts.

My engagement ring also took a hit, I think it can be fixed but my at least my band is still going strong.(it's titanium)

I'll post a video about this whole experience later but for now I'm just at home trying to be alright with it all and taking it easy. Thankfully I'm here and I've got great friends and family.
I'd actually really like to here you guys experiences if you're up to share, this is the worst I've ever been hurt and hopefully it'll stay that way but it's really emotional for me and it helps to talk to others about.

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