December 31, 2014

Review : Jeffree Star Cosmetics ~ Velour Liquid Lipstick (Bundle)

Okay, so I got these last week and I tested them out over the weekend and I'm pleased to share my results. The packaging is Barbie on her best day all the way. The lipstick is perfectly pigmented and also long lasting. So I've got some swatches to share and then we'll break down my thoughts on these lipsticks.
I'm not sure if Jeffree plans on personalizing the boxes as he grows his cosmetics line and company but I would love to see what he'd come up with. The boxes say to shake before application on bare lips and let dry for 60 seconds which I didn't even realize until now, silly me. Make sure your lips are moisturized though.
I'm Royalty - Prom Night - Red Rum
(Vegan & Cruelty Free)
Dries matte
(feels like lipstick in the middle of your lips but it's definitely dry)
I used a makeup wipe for my hand but I use Q-tip on my lips.
I'm Royalty
Okay so this is the easiest of the three colors to apply and take off which is really important to me b/c I don't want to have to scrub my lips or keep re-applying to be able to wear my lipstick. Though purple probably isn't the most conventional/practical but it goes on smoothly, it also hardly smudges at all, survives eating and comes off pretty easy. I have to say this is the best out of the three.
Red Rum
First I love this color. You only really need one coat but two does make it more solid but you may need to clean it up a bit with a Q-tip, however, I wouldn't wear two coats if your going out to eat. Do one coat then reapply after eating, it's not horrible it's more of a lipsticks fading but you wore lip liner look. This does smudge so don't drag your hand across your mouth but if you do the color will still be on your lips and you can just wipe your hand off, no big deal. Removal is pretty much like any red lipstick it leaves a nice subtle fuchsia stain.
Prom Night

This is fucking Barbie all day every day and not just Barbie but like succubus Barbie, it kept getting on my top canines like it was trying to tell me something. Note, that was a joke, not about it being Barbie though. Okay jokes aside this color though the most flattering pink I own goes on rather streaky though dries solid, just make sure you smooth out the color. This color doesn't hold up as strong as the others but it's still so pretty. So other than it's pretty it only gets on two of my teeth oddly enough. (though my mouth is too small for my teeth)Though I didn't notice much smudging the way it fades is strange it kind of makes your lips look bigger not sure if that really explains it but it's not really something that would bother you too too much. This is a pain in the ass to get off though.
If you have any questions regarding something I forgot to mention just ask and I'll make sure to get back to you and update this. I unfortunately don't have a Lime Crime Velvetine to compare these too. Let me know what you guys think of the lipsticks and if I should get the nude color that's coming soon and update this post.

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