June 25, 2014

The Best Mascara - Tony Moly : Cats Wink

(Cats Wink 3Go Mascara 01)

Mascara is something everyone who is afraid of eyeliner should have, because you don't need to get close to your lash line and it gives a defined effect like eyeliner. Now as someone with long lashes I don't really have any dire need for mascara and you'd see more of a difference on someone with shorter lashes, but a bad mascara could still make a huge difference for the worse. This mascara is by far the best I've had not that I try every brand but this is some good shit if you know what I mean.
I bought this on Ebay for under 10 bucks.
- Only needs one coat
- Dries fast
- Lengthens & Curls
- No fall out during wear
- Long lasting
- Hard to get off
- There is very minimal fall out at the end of the day if you rub your eyes or it's really late at night or you slept in it.
- It looks fine the next morning. For reviewing purposes I've slept in it 3 days straight(I didn't have a reaction), it looks fine, though the lower lash mascara disappeared around the middle of the second day.
- I don't take mascara off the right way so whatever works for you, go for it, but I use Johnsons baby shampoo mixed w/ water to wash residue from around my eyes so that should work.
(don't quote me on that, I literally wet my fingers and pull it off (no it doesn't hurt)

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