April 18, 2017

Barbie Vibes

I saw these shoes for sale on depop in a different color, I was like oh that's a good deal but eh they might not work cuz they're not my real size. Then I saw them on dollskill and I knew I couldn't get them in any other color. Think back to your innocent childhood playdate days when doll fashion was getting ramped up. These are the epitome of Barbie.

I could do without the blow up piece that is simply there for aesthetic but it fine. So they are on sale on dollskill, however, I wasn't gonna spend 90 bucks on some mules But it just so happens that amazon prime's got the hook up, they even have different colors. I'll be sticking with these dream goals though.

A few reviews said they didn't like the weight of the shoes, however, I think it's just right and evenly balanced(you don't wanna roll your ankle from not enough support). I haven't worn them out yet but they sure are cute.

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