February 7, 2017

Tattoo Collector Tag

1. Do you consider yourself a tattoo Collector?
As I consider tattoos a form of art and I'm going to continue to apply artwork to myself, yes, I do consider myself a tattoo collector. 

2. Do you have a specific tattoo that turned you into a tattoo collector?
(That's when you knew you were a collector)
I think my second tattoo, it's completely designed by me you can read my blog post on it here. This piece is really special to me and it also taught me things to keep in mind for future tattoos.

3. What tattoo did you have to travel the furthest for? Where did you go?
The shop I get majority of my tattoos done at is about an hour away from where I live.

4. Where was the closest tattoo you traveled to?
About 25 minutes from where I live.

5. What Tattoo artists has tattooed you the most?
Ig: turtlestattooz - turtleshandpoketattooz

6. Any Tattoo artist you follow that you dream of getting tattooed by?
Not really, I already have plans and rapport with artists for the tattoos I currently have planned. I am on the look out for a great animal realism artist but that tattoo is a bit far off. 

7. Name two tattoos that took the most sessions to complete.
All of my current tattoos have been done in one session.

8. A tattoo that took the longest to heal/Complete
Probably my right foot b/c I wasn't able to keep it out as much as needed and i ended up needing a small touch up.

9. Do you have any tattoo artist that has become your friend through tattooing?
Uh, yeah. We're friendly lol not like 'Hey, you guys wanna come over for dinner' but like a 'Hey, how ya been, let's chat.'

10. Do you post pictures of your tattoos or naw?
Not really, occasionally I'll post a stencil or something but I'm a little paranoid of someone trying to get my exact tattoo.

11. How do you react when someone asks to see your tattoo?
That would depend on their manners but normally just try and look w/o saying anything.

12. When will you collection be finished?
It'll be several years unfortunately, since tattoos cost and there are those things called priorities hahaha

13. Who do you tag?!
Anyone that wants to do it.

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