June 7, 2017

The Return Of Ink Master

The time has finally come for Ink Master to return and I could not be happier. It's not often you get shows that make it to a 9th season (not including the spinoffs) that still keeps your interest w/o getting silly. Not that this show doesn't have it's faults, as that is bound to happen in a long running competition series b/c there's always people expecting more looking for bigger and better which are not synonymous. 
I waited for the first episode to air so I could compare formats and get a general idea of what they've changed to accommodate this year's theme of shops vs shops and the overall functionality of the show. I will be live tweeting my thoughts just like last year as long as i don't work the night shift, I'll be out of town for the second episode so I might miss that one. I also plan on watching, tweeting and giving my impression on Ink Master: Angles, which I can already tell you i wish It wasn't just the four woman from last season as the main competition but I'm definitely interested.

Alright new theme b/c they gotta keep it fresh I personally could've watch another season of 
Peck vs Nunez but now that they've moved on I don't think i'd like to see a back track.
So this season it's competing shops which is actually a pretty interesting premise. I'm looking forward to seeing the results, I'm sure there'll be drama which I'm not really interested in but a little is alright lol.

I like that they started with two flash challenges particularly b/cuz they show creativity and technique. Yes!!! Every single season should've started with a drawing test hahaha. I'm wondering how they'll change the order of the challenge themes, I think the order should be a bit more consistent but either way it's not like all of the artists really prepare to tattoo all the styles. 

I'm not sure how I feel about continuously bringing in other shop teams but we'll see how that pans out, I mean they can only bring in so many new teams before there's a double elimination and they stop bringing teams in. I do and don't miss the human canvas jury, customer service is important but you shouldn't expect to get the it to always go down the same outside of the artists controlled environment, therefore you shouldn't be so in your feelings but I do get it. I prefer the  human canvas jury rather than the jury of peers but we'll see what happens. I'm hoping this year they'll just have two shop finalists since they don't even show all of the master canvases, it's essentially a waste of time in a sense. 
Let me know what you think about the outline of the show.

The shops and artists with my opinions are as follows.

Allegory Arts – Florence, AL
Ulyss Blair, Eva Huber
*They seem like they'll be the best as a team strategically, they didn't really draw my attention but not in a forgettable way. I'm anticipating good things from them.

Artisitic Skin Designs – Indianapolis, IN
April Nicole, Dane Smith
*They are so cute and I think they really compliment each others tattooing.

Black Anchor Collective – Hesperia, CA
Carlos Rojas, Aric Taylor
*I mean. . . . who can't spell Black, let alone your own shop name. Ctfu not a good first impression and I doubt anyone will forget it. I mean they did a nice tattoo but I can tell they're gonna bitch even if only a smidge, if it's not going they're way.

Classic Trilogy Tattoo – Cortland, NY
Thom Bulman, Derek Zielinski
*They aren't really shining, that's really all I can think to say right now. . . .not in a shady way though.

Pinz and Needles – Baltimore, MD
Jessy Knuckles, Allisin Riot
*I don't think they really stand apart from the other shops but I'll be keeping aan eye on them.

The Marked Society Tattoo – McDonough, GAWes Hogan, Mike P
*They don't really stand out as of now but their thought about intertwining their styles is the right mindset for this competition.

Thicker Than Blood – White Plains, NY
Jhon Campuzano, Babiery Hernandez
*Ego was their downfall. Jhon was so meek and Babiery is just too cocky for this.

Tri-Citites Tattoo – Atlanta, GA
Bang, Danger Dave
*They don't seem to make a good pairing, the communication just isn't there and Danger just isn't in a competitive mindset, I don't expect them to go far and I don't think they're repping their shop in a very positive way. 

Unkindness Art – Richmond, VA
Erin Chance, Doom Kitten
*I'm looking forward to seeing more from them, they seem to have a good working dynamic.

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