October 15, 2013

Pointe Shoes ♡

I've always loved playing in my mom's pointe shoes, even when they got too small. So when Jeffrey Campbell came out with the pointe I was excited, but I wasn't completely sold on them. I spent a lot of time trying to find reviews and pictures about the shoes and the different colors/straps/fabrics whatever variation of the shoe was available. Then the red patent pointe came and I just wanted it, I was still on the fence but then there was 10 or 20 percent off on Envi shoes so I decided to stop obsessing and just get them and I Love Them. They are now my official valentines day shoes and possibly anniversary shoes too. I did a review on these shoe on our youtube, the video's a little shaky but I give my honest opinion pros/cons and show how the shoes move. If you're thinking about getting these shoes and want the 411 (hehehe) then I think it'll help. I'm actually considering getting another pair eventually.


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