October 20, 2013

Carrie (Re-Imagined) Review

Okay so it's an enjoyable movie. The modernization bothers me, however, it's a re-imagining so that's irrelevant, but all the special effects and Chloe Grace Mortez's forced facial expressions are the bothersome aspects of the movie as well as some of the extra details that were added to the movie to I would assume help with the modernization and understanding of Carrie.

Chloe seemed to have a great understanding of her character and portrayed Carrie very well apart from what was mentioned above. Julianne Moore who played her mother was my favorite, she played her part extremely well. I have mixed feelings about how she was a self harmer, but I completely get it. The rest of the cast was fine some better than others, some act a bit more generic than others.

 So compared to other movies that have been coming out that are made to appeal to this generation Carrie is among top. I still prefer the original but this is a good alternative especially if you compare it to the first Carrie remake.

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