September 11, 2013

Review : Jeffrey Campbell Stompin Boot

 I purchased the Jeffrey Campbell Stompin Boot from Karmaloop for $55. They come with pink, green and gray laces. You can also buy this boot from Envi shoes for $54.95 with blue laces instead of gray. These shoes do not come in half sizes, which in my opinion it should. Where the boot is aligned with the sole of the shoe it is tucked under. It's really only a problem for your index toe unless you'll be walking all day since your feet will slide forward. They feel like regular boots so comfort is not compromised, however, if you don't wear socks the top will rub your leg and if you have leggings they will ride up to the top of the boot. Seeing as they are rubber your feet will get warm and sweat not necessarily wet unless your feet generally sweat a lot on a regular basis, but condensation does build up at the front of the boot. These are best to wear in autumn because if its cold the inside of the shoe will be cold so snow isn't what they're made for, since they're rubber they should be fine for rain. I do think if your out for a picnic or somewhere that attracts a lot of bugs you shouldn't wear them because it the shine of the rubber and the sweat may attract mosquitos. In all the shoe is fine, I would've preferred a half  size but oh well. You can fined cheaper alternatives on Ebay. The design is slightly different I personally fined them less attractive, But they are more affordable. Some of them come with several pairs of socks and laces and I think the size will be more true. Just type in clear boots.

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