September 8, 2013

Review : Riddick Rule The Dark (Spoilers)

This movie is not a total loss, that being said it would probably be described as mediocre at best. It is not the same planet as the first movie, but the concept is the same. The connection to the first and second movies were done well and there was a lot of comic relief which is one of the best things about the movie and dialogue (sexual and non sexual) being the worst/un necessary. There are two merc teams searching for Riddick in this movie. One of them is only there because the leaders son was Johns the addict from the first movies. The planet they're on heavily resembles the one from the first movie. The only part of the movie that feels out of place is the beginning which seems like a movie about a journey through the dessert. The beginning is also where the comedy comes in as Riddick gets a puppy, whom does later die (only sad moment) which is what prompts the death of the comedic character Santana (Jordi Molla). The other characters provide some comedy as well such as the religious teenager Luna (Nolan Gerard Funk) and Moss (Bokeem woodbine) whom of course dies. As for the rest of the dialogue the worst is given to Dahl (Katee Sackhoff). Back to the rest of the movie they show the resemblance between the two Johns's as the Riddick is left on his own while injured. Then the dramatics kick in for a moment and Riddick ends up being cornered then rescued and then at the very end when Riddick is set on his own there is more bad dialogue and its over. There was a hint of there being a fourth movie where Jack/Kyra (Alexa Davalos) would possibly come back from the Underverse. Can't wait for that, however, if there was to be a forth movie I would prefer to see how Riddick became this horrid murder he is made out to be though he seems to be pretty humane. Pitch Black shall remain the best of the trilogy as most first movies do. If you want to watch this movie I would suggest waiting for it to come on TV, unless you're with a group of friends preferably non critical of movies.

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