August 25, 2015

My New Phone : Update - LG G Flex 2


So I've had this phone for quite awhile now and I'm rather fond of it I must say.
Here's a link
So where do I start. . .
- I switched back to LG from Samsung so the layout took a bit of adjusting.
- You can put apps in clusters to take up less space, which is neat.
- Like with most phones once you've had them for awhile the battery life stays pretty reliable.
- Yes, the curve feels fine in my pocket and when I'm on the phone.
- The brightness pretty much stays the same ALL the time.
- There is a retouch filter on the camera for selfies. I keep it on 1 so you can still tell what I look like but I won't look like a zombie if the lighting isn't great haha.
- I do enjoy playing games my favorite is gun girl z(not sure which version) and I have pokemini (not very active at the moment) I did have Fashion Covet but it doesn't agree with my screen so I let it go.
- Apps hardly ever crash, however, the call feature on the fb messenger app, if you're on it too long it will lock your phone out. . . as if it died. I was pissed.
- To get the battery out you have to unscrew it, you can't just take off the back an snatch it out.
Here is the post when I first got this phone
Feel free to ask about anything else you wanna know.

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