September 10, 2015

Throwback IPod Tunes : 25 Most Played

So I absolutely Love music, just like the vast majority of the world I would assume. I've always had a broad range of what I liked but there's always something new for someone. I thought it'd be cool to take a look back at my iTunes from my middle school to part of high school days and see what I personally  thought was appealing to my ears. I find that you can tell a lot about a person on a deeper level though the music they listen too so I looked up my 25 most played and next week I'll tell you my 25 favorite, which was a little hard to choose. I'll leave you a link to all the songs so let me know what you think in the comments. Ps. I listened to these while writing this up and I couldn't help but giggle a few times.
1. Lollipop ~ Faming Hanley ~ (I didn't realize they came out with a MV lol the intro is too long though)
3. Untouched ~ The Veronicas ~
4. All Around Me ~ Flyleaf ~
8. Misery Business ~ Paramore ~
9. A Candle Lit Dinner With Inamorta ~ Asking Alexandria ~
10. Come Away ~ Nini Camps ~
11. Waking The Demon ~ Bullet For My Valentine ~
13. Tears Don't Fall ~ Bullet For My Valentine ~
15. Cater2 U ~ Destiny's Child ~
16. Here (In Your Arms) ~ Hellogoodbye ~
18. Whenever, Wherever ~ Shakira ~
19. Another Night ~ Nightcore ~
22. For Your Entertainment ~ Adam Lambert ~
23. Situations ~ Escape The Fate ~
24. Wake Up Call ~ Hayden Panettiere ~ (Yes, that is Bucky (Sebastian Stan)
25. I Kissed A Girl ~ Katy Perry ~

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