March 9, 2015

Stabbath Totoro

So if you guys have been keeping up with the blog you'll know I like to support artist of all sorts and I also have some favorites in my wardrobe. My lovely Rico decide to get me this totoro mandala hoodie from Grace Neutral a badass hand poke tattoo artist. It just so happens that grace is friends with Hanna Snowdon another tattoo artist whom collaborated with her fiancĂ©'s clothing line drop dead so I decide to put the pieces together. Sine I was using relating pieces I had to wear my blackmilk stirrup leggings because I think it's pretty obvious I love them and these boots, I mean what can I say these boots are beautiful. I picked them up in a consignment store in Chicago and the women told me they were custom made for the previous owner so sadly you can't get them hehe sorry I know that sounds mean but you know it sounds pretty funny too.


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