March 16, 2015

Lifestyle Changes : Lyra

So everyone has things that they've always wanted to try and they finally get to do it and it just brings joy into their life. For me lyra is one of those things. I few sharkies recommended some places that had lyra and I settled on TSNY in DC, the above picture is there indoor facility which is where classes are being held right now because it is winter.
I've taken about 5 classes now and I'm so in love with it just like a knew I'd be. I've worked with 3 different teachers and they're each surprised by my relative flexibility until I say I used to figure skate and they say "oh okay I don't need to go easy on you then" which is fine by me hahaha I don't mind a challenge. I've come to not hate certain moves (front balance) and I love others more, personally I've always liked hanging upside down so that was automatically a joy and I'm really liking spinning, I can't wait to improve and learn more. So during my 2nd class my mom snapped some pictures of me so here you go. Feel free to ask me anything about my lyra experiences.


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