March 28, 2014

Slumber Party Kinda Day (Batman For Blackmilk)

It was a lot of fun shooting in the snow while it lasted and it actually wasn't that cold which explains why I'm not wearing a jacket.
I'm sure there isn't a person that doesn't know, love or at least recognize Batman at this point. I've always loved Batman even through the bad movies. The villains were great and so were the villainesses. Which brings us to this Blackmilk Slumber Party GFT. I can't imagine a girl that hasn't experience some sort of good time at a slumber party and these three ladies would have a ball. Also it's more cost effective to have several characters instead of just one. Although Blackmilk tops are a bit longer on me I do wear some form of bottoms underneath. (just a side note)

                                      Beanie-BeautyForever / Top- Blackmilk / Shoes-UNIF

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