March 25, 2014

NOM Snow Sharkie

So I am obsessed with Blackmilk and I'm pretty sure I always will be. This top that they out with describes my obsession perfectly as the beanie. I love beanies, especially if they can fit over all of my hair.
Blackmilk shirts fit me like a mini dress since I'm so short, so they're perfect to wear with shorts, long socks, leg warmers, etc. The first thing I noticed about this beanie when I took it out of the bag was how soft it was. I just wanted to snuggle it, there is another beanie that says blackmilk on it. I think they should make one that says mega hottie (as blackmilk girls are called)

Cardigan-H&M/LegWarmers-HotTopic/Shoes-Ebay(signed by CJ from ThyArtIsMurder at concert)

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