October 4, 2013

Review : Katy Perry Color Pop Lashes (Individuals)

First off I don't wear individual lashes. I was walking around in Ulta and I saw her lashes and I went ooh colorful lashes, but I didn't want to by all three and then there were the individuals with all three colors for a little cheaper. So I thought eh go ahead and try them out so I did and I don't like them nor do I recommend them, however, someone who wears individuals on a regular basis may feel differently as I may feel differently about the regular lashes.

Before (no mascara)

After (with eyelash curler)

The glue smells really good though at one point it made my eye water and it doesn't dry clear it was like a crispy white/beige and I didn't use the remover. When pulling up the lashes then bent out of shape. They are very thin with little curl (I used an eyelash curler b/c they laid over my lashes) and are better for short lashes. The green stands out the most then the purple. They came off easily, too easily. After I put them on I was afraid they were going to fall off. Also the longer I had them on they felt heavy, my eyes started to get tired I don't know if its was the lashes or the glue, but I didn't put the on until after eleven and it took me awhile. My biggest issue was that I always new that I was wearing lashes which bothered me to no end.

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