May 10, 2016

Support The Arts x New Toys : Moon Child Box


If you guys weren't aware Kerli has started making her "comeback" so to speak. If you don't know who she is, she's an Estonian singer that has become an independent artist. She is on pledgemusic, the pledges for 'Feral Hearts' are closed but there are new pledges for 'Blossom' which just released last week.
P.s. the lipstick is
I've always been obsessed with elves so I had to have this ear piece and it might just be my favorite thing.
Headbands aren't really my thing but this gives me serious King Trident mixed with forest vibes.
I love that there's a matching set in the jewelry and I love how they're "moon and stars" if you catch that reference.
This necklace give me crucible x craft vibes and I'm completely hear for it.
I'm apologize it took me so long to get this done, I posted an update before this so I should hopefully get back to blogging more regularly again. I'll be putting out two vlogs this week and shortly after there should be a third.
Thanks for coming and let me know about what you got from pledging or what you like from my pledge  and your thoughts on Kerli's comeback.

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