December 1, 2015

New Toys : My Only Actual Black Friday Purchase

I now finally own an actual complete set of makeup brushes. I'd been thinking about getting these brushes as well as just a complete set because it makes doing your makeup go a lot smoother. Currently I'm in the process of clearing out and replacing my cosmetics with cruelty free products. Now I'm not gonna get all preachy about going cruelty free or vegan or anything else but I am going to make it known for those who are wondering about things I buy. If you'd like me to write about where I stand I'd be happy to do that in another post.
Now back to the brushes, I left them wrapped up because I literally just got them when I came home from work yesterday & couldn't wait to share them. I'm also re-doing how I set up my makeup so I don't wanna get them messed up but they look amazing and I'm so excited to finally have them.
These brushes are MadeULookBlyLex

If you own these brushes let me know what you think & if you don't let me know what brushes you do own & how you like them.

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