May 14, 2015

New Old School?

What do you guys think of the song Uptown Funk?

This song has been bothering me since I first heard it and personally I can't stand it, not that it's bad. It just sound like a remake of and old school song, though it isn't actually that's how it comes off to me. Every time it comes on I can't stop trying to think of the song it reminds me of or thinking there has to be an original to this. I can't enjoy a song if I can only constantly compare it to another and never just listen to it while relaxing. I understand being influenced by old school music but this to me sounds like "You're tryna be the 'New' Old School" but you're not fly enough.

This is of course my own personal opinion, all T no shade because you can't replace Old School but these days theres a serious lack of appreciation for what came before and it's overwhelming, ex. people thought Missy Elliot was a new comer that Katy Perry was helping, my point proven. Not saying all old school influenced song are annoying but this one is to me as I'm sure others are for you and unfortunately I can't get away from this song until it's off the radio b/c the radio is almost always on where I work.

This was a very impromptu post, I haven't really been feeling like dealing with technology for the time being but I had this overwhelming urge to share my frustration. There has been some activity on other social outlets so if there's ever a gap between updates you can still se what's going on. Let me know your thoughts on this song and others in the comments.

The song I think of the most is Ladies Night by Kool & The Gang among other songs this one that comes to mind the most but I read this article talking about the song's influences that I find pretty accurate. I'll link it here.

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