April 20, 2015

Femme Fatale Pants

These pants are everything!!! I was really excited when I saw these and I'm over the moon now that I have them. Someone was saying they're perfect for belly dance, which b/c of the slits I get that some would think that but these pants are geared more for ballroom and liturgical dance (not that that was bm's intention).Any who I love to twirl and walk around in these they're so airy and soft. A lot of people wonder about sizing height wise so I'll put that at the end. I took these inside b/c there was a huge ass bee on the deck freaking me out so they aren't as sharp as normal so bear with me.
BlackMilk Crop & Pants // Steve Madden Heels 
I'm 5'1" my waist is a little under 28in this is a size small the waist band is a bit loose but the pants stay up so it's kind of a non issue and my heels are 5in.

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