November 23, 2014

Black Milk Wrapped Collection Buys/Thoughts

So I bought a few items from the Black Milk Christmas release this year and the collection is titled "wrapped". I suppose I un-bagged them in a video that shall be going up in a few minutes but I wanted to show how they look and say my piece if you will. It's too cold outside to take the pictures so the light may not be the best but it's still accurate, so I guess I'll start from the top.
I got this in a small because the medium was already sold out when I got home but it's not too tight luckily, however, it's made more for braless wearing (like most of the garments) which isn't my thing so I'll probably invest in a free form bra.
I got this in a small and I'm a slip underneath to get rid of panty lines and make it smoother all over. I do with that all the dresses would come lined as it would provide a smother finish, however, that would just bump up the price tag which I can live without haha.
These Are So Comfy! I want multiples of these, they feel magnificent. I've never loved a short so much and I'm not very cheeky so I thankfully don't have to worry about my bum hanging out.
These feel so nice, I've already worn them out and can't wait to wear them again. I'm anticipating getting toasties in other prints because the just feel so good on the skin , just warm and soft and homey.
Fabulous!!! These are great, I just wanna run wild in these haha. The matte seem to be comfier than the normal pieces. Which make the thought of more matte pieces wonderful, because let's be honest here sometimes you don't want to be all printed out but you still want your BM on and matte is the solution.
Let me know what you got and what you want and how you like it too!

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