July 26, 2014

Thoughts On 50 Shades Post Trailer

So a lot of people have been anticipating this movie and hyping up the books but is it really worth the hype or is it just an erotic lifetime movie. I will be going to see it with my mother-in-law and reviewing it, so keep an eye out for that. Rico refuses to even read the books, he says they're porn.

My Opinions

Book 1 - I laughed my way threw, written like a high school novel.

Book 2 - It was better written.

Book 3 - It was over dramatic.

Epilogue - It was really sweet.

Baby 50 - It was touching and insightful.

50's perspective - was very interesting and I was glad to read it.

Trailer - Didn't excite me for the movie.

Ana & Christian - They look Too Old !!! and don't fit their description like most book to movie characters.

Movie Expectations

Poor casting choices

Extra watered down dialogue.

"Artistic" red room scenes for theater accommodation.

Cut out/short and possibly some repetitive (as they say Vanilla) sex scenes.

Possible unrated version released to DVD.

The books like usual will be better.

Rico said it will be obnoxious.

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