July 13, 2014

My Red Lipsticks

I love the idea of red lips, it's a pretty timeless statement, however, it isn't the most casual looking lipstick and it's also the least gracefully fading lipstick in my opinion. Gorgeous none the less and there are several shades for various skin types and looks, which I don't think people realize sometimes. There isn't really one perfect red lipstick because each shade can give off a different vibe and work better for some people more than others. Red lipstick also tends to make you look more mature so it's really just a personal preference.
1. Mac x Maleficent : True Loves Kiss
2. LimeCrime - Retrofuturist
3. Rimmel London x Kate - 10 rossetto/rouge a levres
4. NK - 102 Flame (with vitamin E)
5. HotTopic - Red Lipstick

-They all have pretty good staying power so you don't need to fill your lips in with a liner, I find that dries the lips out quicker but I would definitely line your lips with any red lipstick.

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