June 12, 2014

Support The Arts : Dani Addison

Dani Addison is an artist located in the DMV and the bassist for OfApollo. She went to Boston University Center For Digital Imaging Arts in Georgetown for Graphics and Web Design, unfortunately due to personally reason had to withdraw after 8 months. In her short schooling time she learned the basics of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. She has been making graphics for over two years now, learning through trial and error with the occasional tutorial, constantly improving and expanding using mainly Photoshop and sometimes Illustrator(Logo).
Dani gravitates towards dark colors, grunge textures, gore and horror. A lot of the inspiration for her artwork comes from the music she listens to (post-hardcore, metal-core, death-metal), films and also whatever hits her while she sits on the computer as most of her work is freelance and unplanned. The aspects she leans towards are skulls, religious symbols, blood, grunge/cracked backgrounds and textures. Some artists that inspire her are Paul Acker, Alex Hofmann, Robert Borbas, Kagami Kmkz and John Dyer Baizley .She designs album covers, fliers, web banners, t-shirts, logos and whatever you'd like to commission. Dani doesn't have plans to go back to school with all the progress she's made on her own, but she does hope to get more into illustration and back into drawing in general with a focus on tattoo and t-shirt designs as well as using brighter colors.                    

Contact Info
                   http://facebook.com/ofapollomd (personal message)

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