June 27, 2014

Styled 3 Ways ~ BlackMilk : Battle of the Kings - Tatsu Kimono

Ever since I saw the Tatsu design I knew I wanted to style it and I thought the kimono idea was perfect. The design is flowy and light just like a kimono. The colors are subtle enough to pair it with various outfits but bold enough to be the center of the outfit, the fabric is light enough to wear in the summer and layer in the fall. The front ends are a little long for petite ladies but not long enough to really be an issue in my opinion unless you lean over constantly for some reason and are under 4'11"ish (I'm 5'1"). I got the chopsticks at Otakon a few years ago if you're wondering. 
everyone should be able to chill out in there beautiful pieces
Color Contrast
It's always good to be able to mix colors
It's always fun to mix prints
 (these pants used to fit better but I still felt confident so I let them sag away)
Let me know which look is your favorite.

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