May 20, 2014

Tattoo Tuesday : Astrological Compass

*please note that as this is my original artwork copyright laws do apply and I do not give consent to use it.

This is my second tattoo out of four so far. I researched and drew this piece specifically for myself, it's my baby, I've had it for  almost two years now and it is my prized ink. My tattoo is made up of the astrological signs, the planetary signs, the compass directions and lyrics from Waves by Dj Satomi (one of my favorite songs in 7th grade) I used two plates and a bowl to create the outer circles and a ruler for the lines. (No, I didn't want any shading or color)

Original Drawing
Artist's Sketch
There are three small differences in my sketch and the artist's.1 where the lyrics start (I like that change) 2 the flower edges aren't sharp 3 two words are switched.(It reads "we'll see this blooming love" It's supposed to read "we'll see blooming this love") I didn't notice the third one until after I was home and it does irritate me but I can cope, also looking at it now I would've preferred my sharp edged flower, I also don't care for how thick he made all the lines which I didn't realize he was going to do. 
 I was tattooed by Sean Adkins at Ink Junkeez in white plains MD. He was cool and so were the other artists that popped in and complimented my tattoo. It took somewhere around 3 hours and yes it hurt. It hurt a lot and at the very end my whole left leg fell asleep which also hurt. Rico thinks I should've had this be my fifth tattoo because it's so big and it hurt a lot, but I'm picky and stubborn and he'd still have to hold my hand even if it didn't hurt, and since it's so big somehow it now takes less time to shave my right thigh. In hindsight I would've been much happier and had a better outcome had this not been my 2nd tattoo as experience is the best teacher.
Anyway the day after my muscle was tight so walking was weird it was better the next day and the day after I walked fine. I washed my tattoo separately with SoftSope until it was healed and maybe a few days after. I have A&D ointment and Bacitracin which I prefer. I've also tried After Inked which is good but it needs to be reapplied more often. For un-scented lotion I used St.Ives mostly.
When people see my tattoo they try and find their sign on my leg which is funny when I know them but kinda weird when I don't. I really like my thigh and I appreciate all the compliments I get on it if you have a question or anything I'll be happy to respond.

(ps. please don't try and get this tattooed, ask your artist to design something amazing and special/personal to you as this is to me. You'll be a thousand times happier.)  
I watermarked the photos b/c there's a big issue with people stealing tattoos so please take the above advice. 

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