April 3, 2014

Support The Arts : Aim Your Arrows

Aim Your Arrows is a high energy, pop-punk band a little on the heavy side from Detroit with a female lead. They have been together for over three years and have completed six regional tours and they just completed touring with their New EP Mania. Their influences consist of Paramore, Tonight Alive, Bayside, A Day To Remember, Pierce The Veil and Fall Out Boy.
Aim Your Arrows is made up of four people :
Samantha Gardner (vocals)
Brent Caldwell (guitar)
Sam Metzler (Bass)
Austin Mills (Drums)

I met then band on their Mania tour in Silver Springs MD when Samantha walked over and brought up our sharkie (blackmilk enthusiast) bond, she also mentioned Brent was also a sharkie and that blackmilk is kind of a staple in the band. They were all super nice and really easy to talk too. So definitely check them out, try and tour with them, hang out, you should have a great time.

They give off a lot of great performance energy and look natural on stage. Hearing and watching them perform I would compare them to the old paramore. So if your into that this is up your alley. My favorite song that they played was Face the world, which is a personal song to Samantha that anyone can relate to and if your still caught up on April 1st you can they have a song for that too called April Fool.

Aim Your Arrows
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