March 31, 2015

Lifestyle Changes : Food (Gluten Free - Vegan)

Hey! Foodies! So if you don't watch our vlogs you've probably never heard us talk about our diets. A lot of people we know and don't always say "what do you eat" so I decided to share. Rico is simply vegan but I am a pescetarian and I'm allergic to dairy, gluten and pork. Everything I'm going to show in this post is gluten free and majority vegan just to simplify things. I randomly took pictures of thing that we made to eat so you'd have some visuals. If you'd like videos or more blog posts on food just let us know, we love to cook and bake.
These are the oils we use to cook with not only because they fit our diet needs but they're healthier alternatives.
Fruit Is Wonderful! I personally eat an orange or to every morning or a strawberry smoothie but other fruits are just as good.
Rice is life haha. I just wanted to right that because it rhymed but it's true rice is great and it's easy especially if you have a rice cooker. ps. you don't need a fancy 10 setting rice cooker.
Frozen dinners are a little harder to come by but there's a good selection with these brands ( Saffron Road and Amy's), I like to take them for work when I don't feel like cooking. Oh that mac & cheese is mad with daiya cheese which is rather strange so I mixed in some vanilla extract haha but daiya's pizzas are pretty good though, the  cheese shreds taste better than slices. 
Who doesn't like pancakes. These do have an egg in them but you can look up an egg substitute online. ps. boysenberry syrup is the way to go.
Chilly and tostitos! Rico won't call this chilly because I don't use beans but it's chilly. We use the "beef" from Beyond Meats, we've also used Gardein but we prefer BM although for meat sauce I like to mix the two brands.
Pasta! This is were the meat sauce goes. Gluten free noodles aren't exactly hit or miss but the cooking time varies other than that I think the spaghetti style noodles have a bit more flavor but I just like penne pasta. 
Of course I had to include cookies haha, this brand isn't in stores yet but I believe you can order it. I found it at a gluten free expo, they also have brownie mix some muffin, something else and frying mix which isn't that hard to find gluten free frying mix. Anyway this brand is completely allergen free so it doesn't matter what you eat and they are really good.
This is caramelized(melted sugar) tofu. I love to caramelize seafood but for simplicity I'm just including a picture of the tofu.
I am addicted to French fries. Seriously I could eat half that bowl of cut potatoes in one night. Onlt in French fry form of course but fries from scratch taste heavenly and it's the simplest thing ever. Peel, Cut, Fry, Devour.
I wouldn't put up this post without telling you about candied yams. I love these right below French fries and mine are amazing. Not trying to brag just putting it out there.
My version of poncit which is a Filipino dish. I use soy sauce instead of oyster sauce and bean thread noodles. You could see more when it was in the pan but the picture was an after thought, It's bean thread, tofu, broccoli, onions and cabbage I'd probably though in some other veggies if but they weren't handy. (I've also made this with shrimp)
Tofu dogs of course. There's always to much bread(has egg) hence the splitting of the bun I also put them in a giant piece of romaine lettuce. I pan fried these, you can put them in the microwave if you want them to look prettier hahaha. ps. gluten free bread is hit or miss. I'm going to make it from scratch one day so it'll also be vegan.
If you guys want more food stuff or have any to recommend let us know. Feel free to ask about info that may have been left out.


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