March 5, 2015

Life, Snow, Changes, Dreams, Hopes, Deepest Desires Yada Yada


So obviously we're in attack of the snow right now which though beautiful a bit problematic. I don't want to use winter as an excuse but it does tend to make me feel like hibernating and puts Rico in a foul mood sometimes (not a cold/snow person). There's regretfully been a lack of post and I'm rather saddened by that. We've recently been trying to get our affairs in order because life as we know it is difficult and we'd like to try and make it easier on ourselves and there's plenty to be done. That being said I'm really into the idea of doing a blog series of "Lifestyle Changes".

 I think it's important to share your experiences with people who are interested, change is inevitable but sometimes it's for the best and Rico and I have been making some changes and really trying to better ourselves in all aspects. Again that being said organization is key and that's something that I've personally struggled with and I'm trying get it down pat or is it pact, I don't know, you know what I mean so that will definitely be among the lifestyle post. So just keep an eye out for more post in general.

As for the fashion post they'll of course be coming back and maybe Rico will post some fashion every once in awhile. This blog isn't just for one demographic, there will of course be more than fashion. If you'd like to chime in with an idea to make it more inclusive feel free. Not just on the blog but anywhere, interaction with new people is always good and we welcome lovely people such as yourselves. youtube twitter tumblr instagram facebook bloglovin

Not that I don't enjoy this lovely chat but I suppose you'd like to see some more lovely images of this never ending snow haha. We'll be in touch.

Let us know how your snow forever is going.

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