January 2, 2015

Support Your Squad

So if you guys were not aware rico is in a band. I always think you should support your loved ones and friends aka : the squad. The guys are like brothers and I think of them as brothers too and yes I do actually like their music. They are of the metal genre with some other flavors or spices so to speak, I know metal isn't everyone's cup of tee but you should give it a try. The guys also have some side projects you can check out so go show them some love - https://www.facebook.com/louderthanquiet 
Check out the interview that was just posted - https://www.youtube.com/user/LouderThanQuiet
I'm wearing one of their shirts that I DIY'd you can message them to get one before it's gone (I think there's only white letters left though). My leggings which I've been obsessing over are BlackMilk and my shoes are from charlotte russe.

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