January 27, 2015

Kitty Army (Vans x ASPCA)

ASPCA is a animal sanctuary in ways similar to PETA but with less opposition but don't get me wrong I would buy a PETA shoe if they had a collaborative one with Vans as well just to support the cause. ASPCA is one of the first humane society's in North America and are one of the largest in the world today. The founder Henry Bergh, started the ASPCA in 1866 to provide effective means for the prevention of cruelty to animals throughout the United States.

I just like to support any brand that is against animal cruelty and that understand these creatures are not ours to kill and that its just not humane to do so or partake in their flesh. Its a very taboo subject to speak on because of how society has been molded into this hateful, greedy pleasure seeking monster at any cost and no matter how sick and twisted the nature .That's why I purchased these kicks, just to support a righteous and intelligent movement towards a cruelty free environment for the animals and future of the planets inhabitants in general. Vegan life is where it's at, I just hope more come along and adapt, support these groups out here trying to make a difference for all.

My Thoughts
They fit like any other vans shoe, the only way they are different is they are not suede or leather. They are canvas so they are kinda tough to break in but once they are broken in they are the best. The foot bed of the shoe or inner sole is okay I would think since they are vans they would have more cushion but its probably my feet since I'm flat footed so I need extra padding kinda, but over all its a stylish kind of comfy shoe with a positive message behind it our shall I say all over it since its a all over print shoe lol I know kind of a corny joke but who gives a fuck, go out and buy some and support the cause

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