November 11, 2014

Support The Arts : Eventual Kinkoz

Tasha also referred to as Eventual Kinkoz (tag name) is an artist from the DMV. Eventual Kinkoz means "eventually on time with progression" as she tends to move slower with her work unless completely focused. She studies all genres of art and is currently interested in illustration, portrait work, hand styles and traditional graffiti. Tasha has had a passion for art since she could use her hands, she wants everyone to follow their passion & know it isn't cheap.
Her inspiration is derived from her surroundings people, food, old movies etc. Generally her storylines, characters and ideas are inspired by emotion and reaction which inspire her the most. Artists that she looks up to among the many are  Alex Pardee, James Jean, Penn Ward, Sarah Soh and T-wei. She also finds other inspiring artists on social medias such as deviant art, juxtapoz magazine and instagram.
Eventual Kinkoz has set great goals for herself as an artist. In the short term she hopes to finish 10 comics and open an online art store. In the long run she hopes to have her own show on adult swim and open a college for graffiti artists. Her work floats around but she is working on creating a BlogSpot and BigCartel shop which I shall link when she has them up. Her social media outlets are IG : Eventuallovesyou Tumblr : AnEkExperience Twitter : EkHatesChuChuhh   Fb : Eventual Kinkoz
You can contact Tasha for commissions through any of her social media outlets or her personal email It would be advised to give a deadline because like most artists her work is never done until she feels it's finished which is a lengthy process.

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