August 3, 2014

Happy Vibes : Time Of The Season

When I was little and would ride in the car with my daddy the radio station he'd have on would always play older songs from around 94 to way before I was even thought of and whenever they would play I would instantly become happy and want to dance and ride with the windows down and just have a nice time. So I decided to leave you guys with some good vibes. I can listen to this song on repeat I love older music and I do enjoy love songs especially when they make me think of Rico. 
So I know sometimes certain weeks have more blog posts than others so I'm going to try and even them out so there should be about two posts a week with and occasional video that may replaces the second post or just be a third.
By the way we went to see Guardians yesterday and we aren't going to review this one but it was a really good movie and the soundtrack was good too. So with that leave you to enjoy the music.

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