October 13, 2013

GTA5(Grand Theft Auto V) Review

Hello viewers ,readers and passerby's this is my review of the video game Grand Theft Auto V or 5 to be simple .Just to start it off correctly im going to tackle the lease complicated aspects of the game and that is the records the game broke with its release and just the shear numbers it destroyed ,In the first 24 hours of its release the game made $800 million dollars and in the first three days Rockstar Publishing (gaming company) made $1 billion dollars off the consumption of this game making its the fastest selling entertainment product in history .

And now onto the aspects and complexity you people are reading for ,second im going to tackle just the scale of the game ."GTAV"(GrandTheftAuto5) is a very impressively large game specially dealing with these current gen consoles (which are not as powerful as the next gen obviously and or a PC) but Rockstar North (gaming development team) stuck to the plan or blueprint with continuing the games development for the current gen and not just switching up when they heard of next gen coming out or being in development .making it clear to those who doubted that the current systems capabilities just weren't up to par with this task cause Rockstar hyped up the scale of the environment so much and gave out some very visually pleasing snapshots ,and a lot of people expected these snapshots to be produced by a next gen console or PC for a lot of the message boards I viewed and read over many people down talked the current gen and just game systems period cause of the next gen propaganda or the PC superiority Nazis out there(Keeping it unknown that a majority of them have a fucking console or have owned and played one in they're life time).

A lot of gamers felt that the current gen couldn't possibly put out a impressively visually dominating game but I guess Rockstar had a lot more faith and just better developers and writers who could unlock the hidden potential that a lot of folks doubted was left in these systems ,cause it is a beautiful game on which from the cracks in the street to the dirt specs on the cars and street signs just shows the power that was untouched in these systems and just the detail that they as developers pay attention to and take very seriously unlike a lot of gaming company's/developers out here who have started to lack luster in that area of game making .

Still on the visual quality's for the last time "GTAV" is a very beautiful game but stacked up against the likes of  "Heavy Rain" ,"The Last Of Us" ,"Beyond Two Souls" and "L.A Noire" .Its not super polished like with textures and facial motion capture like them but I feel Rockstar focused on the environments being live and very full of life with a diverse bag of styles and personality's where it captures a living and breathing city(Not including the three main antagonist you play) but that you could personally travel through in your true life travels in which those 4 games that I just mentioned lack heavily in that area where those give a mediocre job and "GTAV" masters extraordinarily well.

Now onto the gameplay of "GTA5" ,it plays just like you would expect a Grand Theft Auto game to play but just with a few added perks to the combat and that's about it ,its more fluent and with more variety to the weapon roster and the taking cover system is more lifelike with a more human feel then it just feeling like your pressing a button and shit just happens .with the weapon attachments there's more of a variety and a even larger one online so I think they nailed the gameplay and the modern feel very well with this game .Now with the story and writing they nailed it spot on with a very amazing captivating ,gripping and on many levels a relatable story for the players to put they're life's into .

And with Rockstar not just focusing on one character this time but more like three very different individuals its gives the game more depth and also shows that Rockstar is trying to show off a there vibrant world from different points views and I think that's a very smart but tricky thing to do with multiple character's on the same story line in a way because its very easy for details to get lost in the mix up but I feel they handled the details and the emotions of each unlikely hero very well and even better then films have been doing lately and so with that being said for me its a all around definite pick if you have not already .

It will definitely entertain you and keep on the edge of your seat with the twist and turns in the plot and the emotional depth in each character in the game and just the miraculous visuals from the scenery to the customization variety in your character to your vehicle or vehicle's .oh and don't forget the online play is a completely blast with just be able to pull jobs with your friends and climbing the ranks with your homies ,buying house's and living a very vibrant diverse life from each of your friends and squad members .

I give Grand Theft Auto 5
5/5 for goddamn amazing
and a definite pick up and
play and replaying is at a
all time high with the online
expansion to the game so buy it

bye to all who finished and mores on the way .

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