May 4, 2017

Let's Talk Manga : I bought some & some other stuff

So I've been dying to get more books, mostly to complete collections. I have several Kindaichi books and I need a ton more. It as well as Othello and Under The Glass Moon are books from my childhood that I would check out of the library whenever I could, unfortunately Under The Glass Moon will never be finished( if you know why please tell me) but that's another conversation.
Now Skip Beat! is one of my all time favorite mangas and it's still ongoing(we can discuss this manga if you'd like) and I am determined to complete this collection.
I have the 1st season of "When They Cry" another one of my all time favorites, I'd really love to play the game and I'm thinking of buying the mangas as well but for now I have the completed trilogy and I couldn't be more satisfied.
The "Him" pop figure is self explanatory I should think, I mean if I was going to own any pop figures I had to own "Him"
A lot of people weren't a fan of FFX or X2 but I still love them so I'm gonna replay them on my PS4Pro that Rico gave me, I didn't actually finish them on the PS2 but maybe I will now.
And last but not least is a Coloring Book! but it's all female superheroes so obviously it's rad.

Let me know what manga and anime you're loving.

April 18, 2017

Barbie Vibes

I saw these shoes for sale on depop in a different color, I was like oh that's a good deal but eh they might not work cuz they're not my real size. Then I saw them on dollskill and I knew I couldn't get them in any other color. Think back to your innocent childhood playdate days when doll fashion was getting ramped up. These are the epitome of Barbie.

I could do without the blow up piece that is simply there for aesthetic but it fine. So they are on sale on dollskill, however, I wasn't gonna spend 90 bucks on some mules But it just so happens that amazon prime's got the hook up, they even have different colors. I'll be sticking with these dream goals though.

A few reviews said they didn't like the weight of the shoes, however, I think it's just right and evenly balanced(you don't wanna roll your ankle from not enough support). I haven't worn them out yet but they sure are cute.

February 7, 2017

Tattoo Collector Tag

1. Do you consider yourself a tattoo Collector?
As I consider tattoos a form of art and I'm going to continue to apply artwork to myself, yes, I do consider myself a tattoo collector. 

2. Do you have a specific tattoo that turned you into a tattoo collector?
(That's when you knew you were a collector)
I think my second tattoo, it's completely designed by me you can read my blog post on it here. This piece is really special to me and it also taught me things to keep in mind for future tattoos.

3. What tattoo did you have to travel the furthest for? Where did you go?
The shop I get majority of my tattoos done at is about an hour away from where I live.

4. Where was the closest tattoo you traveled to?
About 25 minutes from where I live.

5. What Tattoo artists has tattooed you the most?
Ig: turtlestattooz - turtleshandpoketattooz

6. Any Tattoo artist you follow that you dream of getting tattooed by?
Not really, I already have plans and rapport with artists for the tattoos I currently have planned. I am on the look out for a great animal realism artist but that tattoo is a bit far off. 

7. Name two tattoos that took the most sessions to complete.
All of my current tattoos have been done in one session.

8. A tattoo that took the longest to heal/Complete
Probably my right foot b/c I wasn't able to keep it out as much as needed and i ended up needing a small touch up.

9. Do you have any tattoo artist that has become your friend through tattooing?
Uh, yeah. We're friendly lol not like 'Hey, you guys wanna come over for dinner' but like a 'Hey, how ya been, let's chat.'

10. Do you post pictures of your tattoos or naw?
Not really, occasionally I'll post a stencil or something but I'm a little paranoid of someone trying to get my exact tattoo.

11. How do you react when someone asks to see your tattoo?
That would depend on their manners but normally just try and look w/o saying anything.

12. When will you collection be finished?
It'll be several years unfortunately, since tattoos cost and there are those things called priorities hahaha

13. Who do you tag?!
Anyone that wants to do it.

January 20, 2017

What I Eat In A Day : Celiac/Vegan #1

Strawberry Smoothie

A smoothie is always a great way to start any day and strawberry is my favorite and least be real, it's simple. I drink close to 3 cups worth, it's just frozen strawberries, water, and your choice of sweetener.(I used golden light blue agave)

Omelette Over Rice

Before going vegan I was a master omelette maker, this is kind of a lazy version, there are onions in the egg but It's pretty much just pace picante sauce in a folded over egg and I eat it over rice. (This is vegan egg if that wasn't clear)

Kimchi Tofu Stew

This isn't an authentic recipe b/c I just used what was in my house, but I've had authentic tofu stew before and this tasted pretty close though. It's kimchi, tofu, mushrooms, onions, carrot, rice, marsala wine(kinda loving it right now) tomato sauce,water. (some sauce I got from an Indian restaurant b/c I don't have Korean chili paste ) 

Mushroom Marsala Pasta

This was my second time making this recipe, I prefer less cheese so I just shredded it on top. Here is the recipe and obviously I made it celiac & vegan edible, which is fairly simple. (vegan gourmet cheese[I prefer cheddar] earth balance butter[I use soy free] & all purpose gluten free flour)

I hope you enjoyed this, I plan to do more as well as just cooking videos. If you have and recommendations or questions feel free to leave them in the comments.

January 3, 2017

HopelessAndFluffy x Tarine Wright

 Not to mince words, the end of 2016 was shit but it's a new year now! 
We decided to kick this year off right with a shoot at the botanical gardens by Tarine Wright.
Not so much a resolution but plans are being made for this year, the blog is back, we'll be vlogging again and more.

You can view more photos as well as Tarine's work on her website

August 11, 2016

Support The Arts : Concept Work

So I'm a student of the arts if nothing else and I've come to be surrounded by plenty of others which I absolutely enjoy. So before my friend Erica moved to LA to further her artistic endeavors we decided to do a little impromptu photoshoot which have now become concept photos. I'm actually thinking of doing a few different concept projects which I hope to share with you once they become reality. In the mean time here are a few photos that have inspired a concept. Photography - Tarine Wright   
Kind of like an edgy boy meets world vibe don't you think. 

June 3, 2016

Just A Chat : Aerial Fad

So I'm sure plenty of people have seen the segment on Live with Kelly where she and Anderson Cooper were being "taught" lyra. There is a good bit a chatter in the aerial community and though I'm not a teacher and still training as an aerialist I just felt the urge to talk about it just a smidge.
You can watch the video here if you haven't seen it or need a refresher.
Now the first thing I noticed was Kelly introduced Debra as a "fitness instructor" which is misleading as it's not the same thing as an aerial instructor nor does it mean you're qualified to teach aerials. Before I continue here I'm going to put the instructors response to all the outrage.
"We did have a much more beginner program planned for this morning's show. Unfortunately we were put under a lot of pressure by the production team to make the choreo much more challenging than originally planned. This caused us to skip the normal teaching steps which would include demonstrating one move at a time then assisting the student as they practice. The goal would have been to be out of the hoop much more and to spot and assist. Unfortunately, with the limited time and pressure to do more - this did not happen.

Our program is super safe and everyone works within their skill level. Instructors are actively walking around to spot and support after demoing each move in our regular classes, and unfortunately this aspect was not highlighted because the production team wanted to make it more 'interesting' for TV.

We would normally never give that progression to beginner students. We did practice the top bar section with Kelly and Anderson during the break, however I completely understand your concern.

Thank you,
A few things, there are plenty of beginner moves that would have looked challenging enough without throwing caution to the wind. If you wouldn't apply this in your normal practice then why would you apply it in this situation. She could/should have demonstrated the whole sequence first that way she would be able to spot them and guide them though the moves. As it's a TV segment my thought would be there's limited time and they're going to want to see something great even though you're working with beginners, so I would have prepared something that caters to the those limitations.
A lot of people think that any exposure is good exposure. That clearly is not the case when safety is a major concern. Not everyone has the discipline needed or understands what is needed of them to do these "Cool" things. Which is were the problem lies when you have major outlets promoting things improperly and not even with a disclaimer.
Pursuing recreational activities is fine and dandy when you're not going to break your neck just "having fun", though I don't Personally know of a reputable teacher that would allow this. 
Please make informed decisions (I laughed in my head as I typed that cliché)
Anyways, let me know what you think about the video and/or these 'dangerous' fads. (I am following this but won't be updating this post but will answer questions if I have an answer)