August 11, 2016

Support The Arts : Concept Work

So I'm a student of the arts if nothing else and I've come to be surrounded by plenty of others which I absolutely enjoy. So before my friend Erica moved to LA to further her artistic endeavors we decided to do a little impromptu photoshoot which have now become concept photos. I'm actually thinking of doing a few different concept projects which I hope to share with you once they become reality. In the mean time here are a few photos that have inspired a concept. Photography - Tarine Wright   
Kind of like an edgy boy meets world vibe don't you think. 

June 3, 2016

Just A Chat : Aerial Fad

So I'm sure plenty of people have seen the segment on Live with Kelly where she and Anderson Cooper were being "taught" lyra. There is a good bit a chatter in the aerial community and though I'm not a teacher and still training as an aerialist I just felt the urge to talk about it just a smidge.
You can watch the video here if you haven't seen it or need a refresher.
Now the first thing I noticed was Kelly introduced Debra as a "fitness instructor" which is misleading as it's not the same thing as an aerial instructor nor does it mean you're qualified to teach aerials. Before I continue here I'm going to put the instructors response to all the outrage.
"We did have a much more beginner program planned for this morning's show. Unfortunately we were put under a lot of pressure by the production team to make the choreo much more challenging than originally planned. This caused us to skip the normal teaching steps which would include demonstrating one move at a time then assisting the student as they practice. The goal would have been to be out of the hoop much more and to spot and assist. Unfortunately, with the limited time and pressure to do more - this did not happen.

Our program is super safe and everyone works within their skill level. Instructors are actively walking around to spot and support after demoing each move in our regular classes, and unfortunately this aspect was not highlighted because the production team wanted to make it more 'interesting' for TV.

We would normally never give that progression to beginner students. We did practice the top bar section with Kelly and Anderson during the break, however I completely understand your concern.

Thank you,
A few things, there are plenty of beginner moves that would have looked challenging enough without throwing caution to the wind. If you wouldn't apply this in your normal practice then why would you apply it in this situation. She could/should have demonstrated the whole sequence first that way she would be able to spot them and guide them though the moves. As it's a TV segment my thought would be there's limited time and they're going to want to see something great even though you're working with beginners, so I would have prepared something that caters to the those limitations.
A lot of people think that any exposure is good exposure. That clearly is not the case when safety is a major concern. Not everyone has the discipline needed or understands what is needed of them to do these "Cool" things. Which is were the problem lies when you have major outlets promoting things improperly and not even with a disclaimer.
Pursuing recreational activities is fine and dandy when you're not going to break your neck just "having fun", though I don't Personally know of a reputable teacher that would allow this. 
Please make informed decisions (I laughed in my head as I typed that cliché)
Anyways, let me know what you think about the video and/or these 'dangerous' fads. (I am following this but won't be updating this post but will answer questions if I have an answer)

May 10, 2016

Support The Arts x New Toys : Moon Child Box


If you guys weren't aware Kerli has started making her "comeback" so to speak. If you don't know who she is, she's an Estonian singer that has become an independent artist. She is on pledgemusic, the pledges for 'Feral Hearts' are closed but there are new pledges for 'Blossom' which just released last week.
P.s. the lipstick is
I've always been obsessed with elves so I had to have this ear piece and it might just be my favorite thing.
Headbands aren't really my thing but this gives me serious King Trident mixed with forest vibes.
I love that there's a matching set in the jewelry and I love how they're "moon and stars" if you catch that reference.
This necklace give me crucible x craft vibes and I'm completely hear for it.
I'm apologize it took me so long to get this done, I posted an update before this so I should hopefully get back to blogging more regularly again. I'll be putting out two vlogs this week and shortly after there should be a third.
Thanks for coming and let me know about what you got from pledging or what you like from my pledge  and your thoughts on Kerli's comeback.

May 2, 2016

Over Due Update

Hey guys!! I know I've been kind of MIA for while so I thought I'd give a quick update.
So all my time has pretty much been spent working, spending time with Rico, going to my aerial classes and visiting my papa whom is hospitalized so I haven't had much time or energy to make the content I've wanted.
 So I have two vlogs that need to be edited, a bunch of fashion post to catch up on and of course my moon child box. It pains me I haven't gotten that done yet, I may have to improvise to get that done. In short I've got some catching up to do and I appreciate those of you that still wait around for posts, they will be coming I assure you.
I'm thinking I'll post looks from my lookbook and then certain looks I'll do full posts about. As I was thinking about fashion I also thought about how I need to catch up on ProjctRunwayAS and then I thought about how it's irritating when the designers say they believe in karma and let others take credit for their work. Leading to my next point of I should be getting a dress form this year so any unfinished sewing project I've started or envisioned I should be able to finish and share with you as well as any other possible endeavor. I really want Rico and I to get back to movie reviews but you know who wants to go to the movies sometimes lol so we'll see how that goes. But the point is I'll be in touch.
I will be going to the BM sample sale in NY, so I may vlog and do a haul. Also I'll be going to NECCA for a week long aerials workshop and I'm ecstatic about it, might not get to vlog much though. So if you wanna know what's been happening usually instagram will be updated or you can tweet. In the coming months I hope to get back on track so let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to see
 Talk to you next time :)

March 1, 2016

Nice Sharkie Weather

The weather is been going in and out of being pretty decent for awhile now so I figured I should get these last couple outfit posts out before the weather's complete crap again.
(This makes me laugh so I wanted to share)
Blackmilk Skarkie Crop Top // UNIF Ty Skort // UNIF Hella Jellys // Jeffree Star Abused Velour Liquid Lipstick

February 16, 2016

Inspired : Hathor : Gods Of Egypt

So!!! There's this movie coming out, the so called "Gods Of Egypt" quite controversial in fact. After watching the trailer I was inspired to do my interpretation of  Hathor. If you look up her story you'll find that she was a total BadAss.
Hathor is depicted with cow horns a snake and a sun disk hence my appearance. Clearly I'm not big on symmetry as one of my horns is a tad longer and thinner than the other and I was accidently a bit heavier on one eye than the other but it's all good.
I took some pictures, I put filters on a few, hope you like them. I also provided what I used and filmed the makeover. You can watch it here, it's a little slow but it picks up I promise or you could jump ahead if you really want to.
I was trying to emulate wings which I draw quite well on paper and clearly not so well on myself but such is life. Also there's a golden champagne lip gloss that doesn't quite pop in photos but again, life. 
I like the antique vibes of these
Gives me more SG1 vibes
I had to wrap my hair around the horns so they'd stay up
My Gear & Set Up

Got all my war paint together with a few back ups 

Air Dry Clay & Spray Paint // Painted Rubber Snake
MadeULook Brushes // Too Faced Endless Summer 16hr Long Wear Bonzer // Artisan Color Baked Bronzer // Kat Von D True Romance Eye Shadow Palette // Nars Crème Eyeliner // Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer // NYX Retractable Lip Liner // NYX Studio Liquid Liner // NYX Shadow Glam Stick // Mac  Maleficent True Love's Kiss // Artistry Light Up Lip Gloss
Let me know your thoughts on the movie and on my interpretation and what you would've done and so forth.
Update : I have not wasted my money to see the movie for a review but I found a glorious review here.

January 23, 2016

Oh Sweet Sun

I am definitely missing the warmth of the sun on my skin right about now. My feet are cold and the snow is high. I am working on an inspired project, hopefully it goes well I'll be posting it in Feb if it goes alright. So there's to thinking of warmer weather, not that I don't like the snow.
Top & Jeans - My sister left them when she moved ;p
Black Market Chicago Necklace // Twisted Creations Bracelet // Deandri Ginger Heels